When do you need to consult for braces?

Most orthodontic boards recommend consulting an orthodontist at age 7. The primary goal of your orthodontist is a well developed and aligned jaw structure which in turn results in a healthy facial profile and a beautiful smile. While most of us start thinking about braces for our children in their teens, consulting your orthodontist at a younger age allows him to monitor the growth of the jaw bones and the permanent teeth. He can then plan ahead any treatment that is necessary pro-actively, which ensures a better result and is both time and cost efficient, rather than intervening later after problems set in.

At the time of the initial consultation, a set of x-rays are taken, and using sophisticated software, the length and angles of the jaws and teeth are measured. This allows the orthodontist to make predictions using proven standards regarding the growth patterns of the jaws and eruption patters of the permanent teeth. All that may be recommended are periodic follow ups to monitor these patterns by examining your child, often without further X-rays, and occasionally recommending removing baby teeth that may be obstructing the eruption of permanent teeth and healthy growth of the jaw, until it is time to start braces.


Aligning of teeth can be done anytime during life, but growth modifications can only be done while the child is growing.

Well-developed jaws with well aligned teeth are easy to clean, unlike crowded or spaced teeth which suffer from gum disease and recurrent decay.

A healthy smile always builds more confidence.

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